AUDIBLE MESH | generative art digital installation piece

designed & programmed by josh miller


audible mesh

Digital projection, audio/video input, mixed media



2010 More Serious Business, Fowler Center, Bethlehem PA [press link]
2008 Biennial Faculty Exhibition, Northampton Community College, Bethlehem PA


Audible mesh is an interactive art piece programmed in Flash, which utilizes camera and audio data to create generative artwork.  The software translates the camera data into a grid (a mesh) of datapoints which are positioned, overlapped, and drawn using sound input.  The result is projected on a undulating surface, which is painted with matte gesso to distort the clean lines of a digital projection, to create a more painterly output.  The installation also generates screen captures every 30 seconds, which is a living archive of the interactions with the artwork.


Below are several renderings of the piece as installed in a gallery. Renderings were created in Lightwave 3D, using a projection that was captured from the audible mesh application.



A few select photos from the More Serious Business exhibition.


Brief Biography: Born and raised in the heart of Illinois, Josh Miller relocated to Pennsylvania in 1998 to attend Lehigh University, from which he graduated with a Master's Degree in Computer Science with a minor in Industrial Design. After graduation, Josh began a teaching career at various colleges and universities in the Lehigh Valley, teaching courses in web design, animation, 3d design, graphic design, and programming. Josh currently holds a tenure track position in the Communication Design department at Northampton Community College and teaches part-time at Lehigh University. In his downtime, Josh runs a successful freelance web design business, creates digital art, and is perusing an MFA in Computer Art + New Media from the Academy of Art University.

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